Everything You Need to Know About the SWGOH Web Store


I love Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH), but I could be getting more out of the game. The SWGOH Web Store might be the key you’re missing! It’s essentially an extra shop for in-game goodies, and the most remarkable thing is that you don’t even have to open the game to browse it.

So, what’s the big deal about this web store? You’ll find sweet packs and bundles, some of which only appear here. Think of it like a hidden treasure trove of extra resources and shortcuts to boost your SWGOH experience. Plus, let’s remember the free rewards. Who doesn’t love freebies?

Let’s dive deeper into the SWGOH Web Store. I’ll break down the need-to-know stuff – how to access it, what kinds of goodies you can find, and sneaky ways to maximize those benefits.

Current Features of the Web Store

First up, we’ve got Shipments. Think of this as your everyday marketplace. You’ll find character shards, gear, ability materials – the whole shebang. They use different in-game currencies, so you’ll want to track which type you need for the stuff you’re eyeing.

Then, there’s the rotating selection of Bundles and Packs. These are where things get interesting! They can offer everything from character shards and gear to exclusive stuff you won’t usually find in-game. Some use real-world cash, while others take advantage of all those currencies you’ve been collecting. Keep an eye on these, as some excellent deals pop up from time to time.

Top Items to Purchase in the SWGOH Web Store

First and foremost, prioritize things you can’t easily farm elsewhere. Exclusive character shards are a significant win, especially for powerful meta characters. Specific high-level gear pieces that are a bottleneck for your key teams are also a smart buy, as they’ll give you a significant boost in power.

Next, look for value multipliers. Packs and bundles in the Web Store sometimes offer gear, shards, and even crystals at a better rate than you’ll find directly in the game. If you’re planning to spend a bit of real-world cash, this is where those purchases go a lot further. Be sure to calculate the bang for your buck.

Strategies for Maximizing Purchases in the Web Store

Patience is your friend. Those character shards are tempting, but unless it’s a game-changer, wait for them to appear in the regular Shipments section of the store. You’ll often find them for cheaper using in-game currency. This lets you save up for those juicy deals that only appear in the Web Store.

Keep tabs on your currency. Knowing what currencies you have and in what quantity helps you target your purchases. For example, if you’re loaded up on Bronzium tokens, those Bronzium packs become a lot more tempting! Track what you have to make informed decisions when those sweet deals appear.

Finally, become a bundle hunter. Bundles can provide profound value, but they’re on a rotation. Do some comparison shopping – what’s the cost of those items individually vs. in the bundle? Sometimes, especially when those crystals and gear pieces are included, you get a sweet discount on valuable resources.

Alternatives to Spending Real Money in the Web Store

The Web Store can be a severe temptation, but let’s not forget that SWGOH is a game about the long haul! If you want to go the free-to-play route, there are still ways to maximize what the store offers.

First up, hoard those in-game currencies! Arena battles, Galactic War, and events dish out a surprising amount of those tokens and shards that can be spent in the Web Store. Those add up over time, even if it’s only a few weekly purchases.

Second, freebies are your best friend! Some Web Store bundles are free, often in exchange for interacting with SWGOH on social media or other platforms. These might not be super glamorous, but every little bit helps towards grabbing those valuable resources.


SWGOH strategist, you’re almost ready to make the web store your second home! Understanding how to utilize the Web Store best is critical in becoming a Galaxy of Heroes mastermind. Whether you’re hunting for those elusive character shards, gearing up your squads, or snagging some sweet freebies, the Web Store has your back.


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